Looking for an opportunity?


Have you heard about Hempworx?  Looking for an opportunity to work with amazing people, amazing product, and a comp plan with the highest payout?  Let me tell you a little bit about why you should join me...

Why work with HempWorx? ‍♀️ 🌱
✅ We pay out 85 percent in the comp plan 💵 💰💸
(We pay 10 levels, 💲100k bonus payout, non flushing binary, no breakage, leadership global pool, monthly bonuses and elite expense accounts.
✅ We have 🌱 Full Spectrum CBD products including pet products now 🐾 Our parent company, Mydailychoice also has a myriad of other non CBD products.
✅ We use only the best Co2 extraction methods for our oils ❌ WE NEVER USE HARSH SOLVENTS (like ethanol) ❌ 😷
✅ We have a fear of loss marketing system that does the heavy lifting of recruiting for you and we don’t charge for it! We also give you a ton of capture pages to help build your business. The major follow up is done for you.
✅ We are a USA 🇺🇸 based business.
✅ Our hemp farms are in the USA 🇺🇸 and are 100% FDA COMPLIANT. 💯
✅ Only a one time $20 fee to start your business.
✅ Our highest rank pays up to $1 MILL / month where as most cap out ten times less than that.
✅ We have a 30-day empty bottle money back guarantee to prove our products are 🔥
✅ We are 100% debt free and cash rich 💵🙏
✅ We don’t have a huge corporate staff with huge salaries- We all work on commission here.
✅ We have REAL TESTIMONIES - ask me about your problems or medical conditions

***** AND NOW... 100% THC FREE CBD OIL!!! 99.5% PURE..NO Chemicals NO Synthetics!!
And Lastly...
👉 Personal mentoring by️ us. We are very involved leaders providing personal training, encouragement, and our best tips to help you succeed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me as I am here to help you become informed & ready to begin building your own business. I’d love to have you join me on this amazing journey of helping others to live their lives healthier & pain-free.

To your health;

Tish Snider