WARNING: Four Corners Alliance – 16 NEW Signups

Over the past month I’ve been
asking EVERY Boost My Online Biz
member I chat with, one simple

What program are you pitching
your BMOB leads?

Honestly 8 times out of 10 I
get this answer:

4 Corners Alliance Group

I then ask them this second

How are the BMOB leads responding
to 4 Corners?

The answer to THIS question
always blows me away.

Here’s what one member
told me:

“I have using BMOB to build 4 Corners
for 21 days and just hit 100 paid
members. I have 16 people on my
6th level already because people
refer others who refer others at
a fast pace. BMOB leads are a
MUST for anyone promoting
4 Corners.”

My conclusion is:

1. Boost My Online Biz leads are VERY
responsive to the 4 Corners offer.

2. Once the BMOB leads join 4 Corners
under YOU, they have NO problem
enrolling people themselves.

Build your 4 Corners team FASTER
and DEEPER with Boost My Online Biz 🙂


Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.
email: faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com

P.S. Email me if ya need a hand 🙂
I give you my WORD BMOB
will EXCEED your expectations
And I take my word VERY seriously.