Easy1Up UPDATE: My First 1000.00 Payment in E1U!

Over the past couple weeks
I’ve gotten DOZENS of 25.00 &
100.00 payments, a nice amount
of 250.00 payments and even a
few 500.00 payments.

But THIS MORNING I just got my
first 1000.00 Vertex Pro “Connect”
1000.00 payment! Sooo exciting!!

Here’s my secret.

EVERY single one of my paid
signups in Easy 1 Up started
out as a BMOB lead.


===> http://www.boostmyonlinebiz.com/?rid=faith

Around a dozen of us Easy1Up
members have been revising
a master swipe for E1U that
converts BMOB leads like

Want a copy of it? Join
BMOB and email me.

BMOB is responsible for
Easy 1 Ups VIRAL growth.

You deserve your share!

Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.
email: faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com