12 Sales/Day OR 1 Large Hawaiian Pizza? (YOU DECIDE)

I am simply TICKLED PINK with
Morgan Hales: Boost My Online Biz

This is the most responsive
advertising I’ve tested in
over a DOZEN years marketing

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Last night my husband and I
ordered a Hawaiian Pizza to
celebrate our recent success
using BMOB.

Large Hawaiian Pizza: $32.50
TAX: $2.84
TIP: $6.00
Total: $41.39

The cost of last nights dinner
was MORE than the cost of an
ENTIRE months Boost My Online Biz
membership fees.

And here is the kicker…

Yesterday, Tuesday Jan 27th
BMOB was responsible for 12
yes TWELVE sales for the
offer I promoted with them.

These 12 sales netted my
husband and I 431.53 in
PROFIT in less than 24
hours JUST from BMOB.

You decide.

1 Large Hawaiian Pizza


12 sales to your offer

Yesterday I got both 🙂

==> http://www.boostmyonlinebiz.com/?rid=faith

Faith McDowell – Faith Based Advertising

P.S. What on EARTH would Hawaiian Pizza
have to do with a Sleazy Rat-Hole
Apartment in the Bronx???
Read Morgans story to find out!