The “High-Ticket” SECRET for [FULL_NAME]

[FIRST_NAME], can I share something with you?

Something MOST people know ZERO about?

I call it…

“The High Ticket Secret”

Here it is:

MOST people sell low-ticket stuff online.

eBooks that sell for $27 to $37 bucks…

Or worse —

Lotions and potions that eek out a profit of
$2 to $5 a bottle for the re-seller.

SO —

You spend $100 on an ad.

You get 100 visitors to your site.

40% of those visitors opt-in to your list.

And of those 40 new leads, only 5% buy.

So that’s 2 buyers from a $100 ad.

The Problem:

If you make $2 to $5 per sale…

Or even $27 to $37…

You’re STILL not in profit.

You’re marketing yourself out of business!

You spent $100 on the ad —

But you only made back $54 to $74 at most!

That’s why MOST people who start an online
business end up…

Frustrated and Confused.

“Frustrated” because they lose money.

“Confused” because they wonder how so many OTHER
people make it look easy to make money online.


NOW — I’ll let you in on the SECRET.

The High-Ticket Secret.

The SMART MARKETERS sell high-ticket offers.

High-ticket training… services… and events.

Offers that pay them $1,000’s per sale.

SO — back to our example.

Let’s say you pay $100 again and still get 2 sales.

BUT — those 2 sales paid you $1,000 each…

You’d turn your $100 into $2,000!

You made back $20 for every $1 spent.

NOW you’re in profit.

NOW you can SCALE UP your business…

Instead of closing it in frustration.

Unfortunately, MOST PEOPLE shy away from
high-ticket offers…

Because they falsely believe it’s HARD to sell higher
priced offers.

Let me clear this up right now:

It is NOT harder.

Just because you may not be in the market for
high-ticket offers…

Doesn’t mean the MARKETPLACE won’t buy them.

Too often, WE think that if WE won’t buy a
high-ticket offer…

Other people won’t either.


For example, I’m in the Traffic Business.

I sell high-ticket traffic packages to online
marketers all over the world.

Every week, I see marketers buying traffic
packages that cost…






And they don’t blink an eye.

Why not?

Because it’s a business expense and something they NEED…

In order to get more leads and sales!

When someone buys 4,000 visitors from me for

And they grow their list by 1,600 new leads…

And make MORE than they spent…

They keep coming back again and again like clockwork!

AND – since these traffic packages pay me
commissions of…

$800… $1,600… even $3,200 PER SALE…

My profits stack up quickly!

Remember, just ONE SALE can pay me back MANY TIMES what
it cost to bring in the business.

When a $100 ad makes you an $800 commission…

You can get aggressive and start driving more traffic.

BUT — most people don’t get this.

SO they waste their time and money selling
rinky-dink little eBooks…

Or selling lotions and potions that pay them
pennies per bottle.

And end up frustrated and confused.

How about you?

Are you frustrated?


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If not, you’ll spend YEARS turning dollars
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Talk soon.

Yours for Success,

Carl J. Weinfurtner II
Online Marketer / Traffic Broker

P.S. Another secret with high-ticket offers is
making sure they solve a pressing problem.

My target market is online marketers who desperately
need traffic.

That’s a HUGE worldwide market.

SO – while not EVERYONE can afford our HIGHEST
ticket traffic packages…

EVERYONE can afford at least our BASIC package.

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