Compound your investment while collecting overage

Hi There Like a clock keep going ,

— Total investment Total business days Days to investment expirations overage

1. $100 1 1
2. $200 20 20
3. $300 40 10 31
4. $400 47 10 $5
5. $500 52 7 $5
to to to to
30. $3,000 110 107 $50
My plan is base on a reinvestment on the 5 plan on a 5% daily return and once you reach amount totaling your original investment you would simple reinvest from your balance, thus compounding your money. Your overage is the amount of money left over when you do your investment. Example on your 4th investment you will have 3 active investment which will give you 5% of $300 daily. After 7 days you would have accumulated $105 which you would invest only $100 of that amount and you will have $5 left over it’s suggested that you keep the $5. So as you go along you will invest only $100 or your original investment amount and if there is any overage it’s suggested that you keep it. Your overage will build up in this example to $535 over a 5 month period. So you can take out your overage and spend it as you get it or keep it there until it get’s to $1,000 and then you can use this same system to invest the $1,000. After you 30th investment you will be reinvesting every 2 days and get $50 overage which you can keep. It’s your choice but you can get to your 30th investment even faster when you refer and get referral commission or if you use your overage to reinvest.

To Your Success
Orville Pickering