Speed Feeder TRI-PACK Strategy

I am so darn excited I can

In yesterdays mailing to my BMOB
leads I described the Tri-Pack
Strategy which basically means
creating 3 100.00 positions all
under yourself in Speed Feeder.

I wasn’t sure how receptive my
BMOB lead would be to this, as
it would cost them 300.00 each
for the 3 positions.

Lets just say IT WORKED!

3 of my BMOB leads copied my
strategy and enrolled 3 positions
under themselves.

That is 900.00 in Speed Feeder
payments from JUST 3 PEOPLE!

Get your BMOB account now. These
leads convert like CRAZY for
Speed Feeder!

Faith Mcdowell
email faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com