Record Breaking Conversions. Chris has REGRETS

Why aren’t you using
Boost My Online Biz
leads yet?

Chris emailed me this
morning and he’s regretting
holding off on joining:

“Faith, I had been reading
your praises for BMOB and
their leads for 6 months
before joining yesterday
morning. After mailing my
first leads on JUST DAY ONE
I converted 6 of my leads
into sales netting me over
600.00 in profit. Foolishly
I’m SMACKING myself in the
back of the head wishing I’d
joined BMOB when I first
heard about them from you
back in May!”

Chris missed out on 6 months
of conversions. You don’t
have to.

You get 80 leads each day in
BMOB plus a mailer to contact
them. They are NOT safelist
users that just click for

These are leads that CONVERT.

As in Chris’ case, 6 in 80
converted for him on just
day one. He still has 29
more days left to go, JUST

I know you’ve heard of BMOB
on a near daily basis.

It’s time to breath slowly,
trust me, and get in on this
gravy train 🙂


Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.