I Get DAILY Sales From 30,000 Newspapers. Do YOU?

I’m using a new traffic site
called Newspapers Alive that
circulates my offer page through
30,000 US newspapers.

Included are the big boys:

News York Times
USA Today
Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times

It couldn’t be more easy
to use.

1 – create an account.

2 – select your zones for circulation (3 of them)

3 – edit your offer page.

4 – track your results.

I am on Package 1 with
Newspapers Alive and with
this package I get 200-250
newspaper visitors every
day to my offer page.

Yesterday my visitors
reached 223 and 76 of
those visitors clicked
through to my program URL
on my offer page.

3 of those 76 bought from
me in Wealth Rising (my primary)

ALL 3 of these sales were
from California and guess

California is in Zone 9,
which is one of my 3
selected zones!

Zone 9 (Arizona, California, Hawaii,
Nevada and Pacific Islands)

I was skeptical, but Newspaper Advertising
TRULY is Back From The Dead 🙂


I’m a real person that RESPONDS
to emails. I’ll help ANYONE get
this up and running but you must
move fast (6 packages left)

Jenna Pauley