How to get a DOZEN signups in ANY Biz Opp Offer (Like BUTTER)

I put my email address on the bottom
of all these safelists emails so
naturally I hear from alot of BMOB


I ask every existing member I chat
with how many signups they have had
in their business since joining BMOB
and the average is 12.

TWELVE. You read that right.

Not 1. Not 2. Definitely not 0.


Give them a shot and I have no
doubt in my mind you will have
roughly 12 new paid members in
your business in no time flat.

I promise you that if you trust me
on this recommendation, you will get
MORE signups FASTER than you EVER
have before.

I give you my word. And I take my
word VERY seriously.


You can send thank-you emails to me
here 🙂

Faith McDowell – Faith Based Advertising