15 Members in 6 days? (4 Corners Alliance Group)

4 Corners Alliance Group
is one of the FASTEST
growing programs in

That being said, the most
EFFECTIVE way to bring in
new 18.00 signups in 4CAG
is through USA Lead Club:


I know this as FACT because
dozens on my team promote 4CAG
to their USA Lead Club leads
and the results are STAGGERING:


I’ve been selling 4CAG
like hotcakes to my USA Lead
Club leads! I’ve converted 15 new
members in my first 6 days from
these leads.

The leads are VERY responsive
to the 18.00 price point of
4CAG. Kicking butt big time
thanks to your tip Don!

Why does 4CAG convert so well
with USA Lead Club leads?

Well because the leads answer
a big YES to these 3 questions
before they are given to you:

1. Do you have a valid credit card? YES

2. Are you willing to invest AT LEAST
100.00 in the right opportunity? YES

3. Are you ready to get started within
the next 30 days? YES

Look at question #2

All USALC leads are COMMITTED to
invest at least 100.00 in the
right opportunity.

How much is it to join 4 Corners?


Perfect price point for these leads!

You want some MASSIVE downline
growth in 4 Corners? Well get your
USALC account going right now!

These leads are DESPERATE for an
offer like 4 Corners Alliance Group 🙂


Kick Butt and Make Mucho Dinero!

Donald Ward, MBA
Shoot me an email | donwardsuccess@gmail.com

P.S. Need a mentor who cares? I’ll walk
you through the steps I’m taking to
MILK these leads. Shoot me an email.