Skinny Body Care: HEADS UP Affiliates

During the first 8 days of December,
my partner and I rose ANOTHER 4 spots
on the Skinny Body Care Leader-board
EXCLUSIVELY by promoting our SBC
link with BMOB:


We enrolled 26 new SBC Distributors
and brought in 85 new Customers.

Of those 26 new SBC Distributors, we helped
19 of them start using BMOB to promote THEIR
SBC links and THEY brought in a collective
96 new Distributors and a massive 256 new
customers in these SAME 8 days.

This is YOUR chance to piggy back on this
GOLDMINE of a combination with Skinny Body
Care and Boost My Online Biz.

You’ll thank me when your name is on the
SBC Leader-board, either below or very possibly
ABOVE ours 🙂


Faith Mcdowell