3 Post-Halloween Cavities :(

I’ve had a dentist appointment
booked for November 1st for a
few months now.

Just my luck, the day after a
snacking filled Halloween evening
my Dentist announces I have 3
cavities! Kind of makes me regret
eating all that candy-corn!

On a brighter note, I was able to
mail 43,280 leads in my BMOB
account this morning and 3 of them
converted into Easy 1 Up signups
that EACH paid my 250.00!

Lets just hope my Dentist bill
isn’t over 750.00 lol

Want an EXACT copy of the subject
line and email body I sent to my
BMOB leads to get these 3 payments
of 250.00 each in Easy 1 Up??

If you’re using BMOB, just email me
and ask!

Not promoting Easy 1 Up? I have
DOZENS of high converting swipes
for DOZENS of offers I’ve promoted
to BMOB leads. Just ask!

YES. the leads are THAT good.

NO. these 3 cavities probably
won’t get rid of my sweet tooth 🙂

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Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.
email: faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com