Online Adversity Provides Greater opportunities

Whether you failed in your internet business before or just went through some bad programs, I just want to let you know that for every adversity lies a greater opportunity than before.
I had my own share of adversity with my internet business.

Back in 2002, I got online for the first time and was searching for a way to make money. You can pretty much sum up my first 4 years on trying to earn money as a complete failure. I spent money and spent money looking for the secrets. I lost more money then I care to admit here. I was a total mess.

4 years after the first day that I started my online venture, I met a great mentor who taught me what he does to make a really substantial income online each and every month. So he took me and others under his wing and a few months later I was able to earn an OK full time income.

What I focused on mostly was selling affiliate programs that paid me a one time commission and programs that paid me money for generating leads for them also known as cost per action.

Over the course of 3 years or so, I was able to sell over 3000 work at home programs.

Things then went down the hill and I was no longer able to pay for ads, which was $1,500-$3,000 per month, and then no income had come in. The reason was because I had no residual income.

That was my 2nd biggest adversity online. The money stopped when I did not have any more money for paid ads.

So I took a look at my business and did not know how to turn this defeat into victory. I did not know what I had to do. I thought for a while and then something hit me like a ton of bricks.

I figured out that the reason why I was “failing” was because I focused on the wrong programs. I really promoted programs that were bad for my successful future online with my internet business. See, I only sold programs that paid me one time commissions.

If I would focus on programs that paid me residual income and from the efforts of other people, then my income would steadily grow each and every month. I already knew how to market online for free so that is what my main focus is right now.

Nowadays, I only work with 2 tier and network marketing programs and the best part is that my income is growing right now really nicely every single month. I know that if I just stay steady, my team will grow and my income will too. Then one day when I decide to stop advertising, my income will continue to grow.

You can always learn something from adversity and it DOES provide greater opportunity for you just like it has to me.