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Next revenue share giant

This is a EARLY EARLY BIRD invite to you to be a part of a top serious company from Italy. If you know companies like (futurenet,adpackpro,likesxl) this one will be among them.

This is just a pre-registration and a way for you to create your account and get your referral link but much more information will be provided.

How does it work?
-50 eur PR packs give you advertising (pay back 60 eur over time)
-you get paid 48 times a day every 30 minutes
-you must watch 10 ads daily to qualify
-you earn from referrals in 6 levels
-1000 MAX PR pack limit
-for now you can pay with CREDIT CARD—BITCOIN—BANK WIRE

While this may look like a classic revshare it is not. The company behind it is amazing and soon i will be providing you with more info about it.

There are 3 owners of MultiBuyWorld
Giancarlo Santigli, Kirby Ranieri, Gianluca Salvemini

Launching on 17 February
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