how to be strategically UNprofitable online…


Let’s get to the point, you want to make
money online, right?

Well then let me give you 2 scenarios:

Scenario #1:

A stranger calls you up and asks if you
want to buy a ‘make money online’ product.

You are interested in making money online,
so you hear him out.

BUT – you are skeptical.

Who is this guy? Is he ripping me off?

You decide not to buy.

Scenario #2:

An acquantance calls you up. You don’t know
him too well, but you’ve seen him around
and talked to him a few times.

He tells you about a really cool product
online and asks if you are interested.

All of a sudden you aren’t so skeptical.

You hear him out, and you end up buying.

What was the difference?

You knew the guy (or gal).

People buy from real people, not strangers.

They buy from people (or companies) that
they know and trust.

Are you known and trusted online?

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