The Secret to Mastering Mailers

One of the biggest “secrets” to mastering mailers is just simply mail as often as you can! Especially if you are upgraded, missing an extra day or two between mailings means less views, less referrals, and less sales, so obvioulsy you want to get those mailings out as soon as they become available.

Most advertisers struggle to juggle their mailer memberships and keep track of what to mail where when, but I’ve found an awesome tool that helps me keep track quickly and efficiently.

Just simply login each day and the very front page will show you if you have any mailings available and where to send them, so that you never miss another mailing. It’ll even rotate through your mailer messages giving equal exposure to all your mailer messages, and keeping it all in one easy place.

Join me today at Mailer Ninja, I can’t wait to see you mastering your mailers!