They Are Stealing From You!

YOU don’t have to be smart, talented, amazing or whatever
the world “thinks” is GREAT, all you have to do… is BE YOU.

You are GOOD enough, you are created by the BEST, He put
everything inside of YOU that is needed to capture the
dreams and goals you have inside.

Your vision is YOURS, you don’t need ANYONES permission
to live out YOUR purpose.

…and most importantly…

I want you to remember this…

When you are going after your dreams, negative people
will try to steal your God given purpose away from you,
because they don’t want their own vision to come true
bad enough.

They would rather throw it away in the trash, then work
hard enough to actually achieve it!

They will “talk” about all the negative / “downside” /
of what could happen “if” it doesn’t work out!

….and guess what?

“If” it doesn’t work out, then you just continue to live
the same life you have right now anyway.

YOU HAVE NOTHING to lose in this “game” of life.


The only way you lose is if you REMAIN THE SAME and listen
to the people who are trying to bring you down every single

STOP hanging out with negative people and START hanging out
with people who lift you up, BELIEVE in yourself, BELIEVE in
the power that God gave you when you were BORN, keep moving
forward with relentless action, pursue your dreams!

GO AFTER everything you have always wanted EVERY, SINGLE, DAY,
and most importantly, NEVER give up!

…and I promise, eventually, you will capture EVERY VISION,

I believe in YOU, now it’s time for YOU TO BELIEVE IN YOU!

Have a BLESSED start to your week!

Dan Kennedy