[FIRST_NAME] Please Sign Petition to Pardon Innocent Journalist, Free Press


Please sign this Petition at The White House, to pardon an Innocent man. He is a journalist that was framed with a crime under contradictory evidence that the U.S. Attorney had presented to the Grand Jury. The evidence contradicts itself, shows that Brian (with Autism) did give a false criminal confession at the Mayodan Police Department on August 29, 2012. The SBI forensic report is also very questionable. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has a history of manufacturing evidence in a murder case (See case of Dr. Kirk Turner) and the SBI has a history of wrongfully convicting people in the State of North Carolina. Please consider signing this petition for the U.S. President to pardon this autistic journalist Brian Hill.

Please forward this email to everybody you know and share the petition link with people. Please pardon an innocent journalist Brian D. Hill.

Brian D. Hill is innocent, Brian has Autism Spectrum Disorder, he was forced into a false guilty plea, does have evidence (even on his seized News Media laptop) that he was framed and can convince any reasonable Jury to find him innocent.

The Honorable U.S. President Trump has the legal authority under Ex parte Garland (U.S. Supreme Court ruling) 71 U.S. 333 (1866) and the U.S. Constitution to not only issue a pardon to overturn his wrongful conviction but “blots out of existence the guilt, so that, in the eye of the law, the offender is as innocent.” Brian is innocent & needs a pardon.