Barnes & Noble book: The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill – The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill
You need to share this email with everyone you know, forward it to all of your friends & family if you want to, Make Our Federal Courts Great Again. Whether you hate Trump or love him, he said that he wanted to Make America Great Again. Well Brian D. Hill is leading a peaceful and lawful revolution against corruption and felony criminal behavior happening within our U.S. District Court in Greensboro, North Carolina. Brian even admitted on a radio broadcast live that the U.S. Marshals admitted to him allegedly that they know that the Court is corrupt. This book contains evidence that two Federal Judges are actively, knowingly, & openly engaging in corruption that denies every criminal Defendant the right to a fair trial, the right to confront witnesses (via confrontation clause), the right to effective assistance of Counsel at a trial, and the right to present evidence and the Defendant’s side of the story.
In the case of U.S.A. v. Brian David Hill, Docket # 1:13-cr-435-1, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, the documented information is as follows: (1)Chief Judge William Lindsey Osteen Jr. denied all Pro Se Motions and even defended his ineffective lawyer against his entire family. Osteen openly protected Eric David Placke, the Assistant Federal Public Defender, yes the court appointed lawyer. Osteen threatened a Federal witness with perjury, & even Placke admitted that he ignored all statements that the witness gave, even if it was under Oath, and was shocked when defense witness Susan Basko used her Attorney credentials to override Placke’s authority to control the case. Osteen continued defending Placke & even threatened the Defendant, refused any evidence the Defendant presented especially Declarations authorized under U.S.C. (2)Judge N. Carlton Tilley Jr. had openly operated a “kangaroo court” & protected Placke. In Brian’s public pro se motions, he listed his family members and some other names as witnesses, compelling the Court to have them testify at his Suppression of evidence hearing that he requested. When Brian arrived, his blood sugar was sky high & the Deputy U.S. Marshals at that time refused to administer any diabetic insulin which would make him irritable easily & couldn’t think clearly. Judge Tilly Junior openly acknowledged in Court that Placke is one of the best Attorneys to ever practice before his Court, even though Placke did nothing about Brian’s high blood sugars while incarcerated putting him at high risk of coma or death, & even lied to the Judge claiming Brian to not having any evidence under the applicable rules. According to public Transcripts, Brian got angry and started telling the Judge that “He isn’t doing it, he isn’t doing anything to prove my Innocence,” & “I was writing the FBI.” Brian was writing the FBI? When defendants are instructed NOT to write the police during a criminal trial? Yeah he was because he thought the FBI would be more helpful than his own lawyer. The Judge refused all of his testimony, refused to let anybody testify on the stand at his hearing, and said he denied all Motions. Both Judges violated Title 28 U.S.C ยง 455. Both Judges violated the U.S. Constitution.

Brian D. Hill, a Former Alt. Media Journalist who tried to fight the political corruption all by himself, armed with knowledge but limited with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He founded and operated USWGO Alternative News at, then was transformed into a wrongfully convicted felon who continues to fight for acquittal. Trying to prove actual innocence, due process deprivation, health deprivation while incarcerated, and was forced into a false guilty plea agreement, but he is still willing to risk life and limb to prove innocence. Will Brian be acquitted in the corrupt Federal judicial system, which has a 93% successful criminal conviction rate? He is the victim of political and judicial corruption, denied justice by court appointed lawyers. What has happened to Brian D. Hill has happened to Ryan Ferguson, Kalvin Michael Smith, Amanda Knox, Rubin Carter (The Hurricane) and other wrongfully convicted people. It can happen to you. All proceeds will go towards his legal fund.

Brian D. Hill was the founder of USWGO Alt. News. He had formerly written for FederalJack, and has contributed towards other alternative media websites. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Type 1 Brittle Diabetes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Brian had operated USWGO for three years (2009-2012). Brian had interviewed various people for his YouTube channel and website. Some of those are Pastor Manning, Orly Taitz, Virgil H. Goode, Carl DeHart, William Beck, Jim Tucker, and others. He had been wrongfully convicted in 2014, and has been working on overturning his wrongful conviction since that time.