SOTAM/BoB Co-Founder Launches Something Different.


For the past year, I have been working on a way to bring in

people from outside our community because isn’t it time? Help

me help this community by bringing in a whole new group we

have not had here before.

Affiliate marketers have always enjoyed internet traffic volume

and network marketers have always enjoyed conversions.

The two communities just came together in one system and some of

the largest names in the network marketing community are already

inside and ready to try out our side of marketing.

Want to be a part of this new community? There is more out there

than you know so join us in trying something new and different.

Join now and see what it is all about!


Brad Webb


97 or 3

P.S. I will run ads and continue to run ads that rotate upgraded

members so you might want to consider the one-time charge when

you get inside.