SOTAM Golden Ticket Win-Win.


Since we released the Golden Solos at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer,

they have been flying off the virtual shelves. Our Golden Solos

can be purchased in single or bulk packages. The higher the bulk

package you purchase, the higher the discount. Each solo goes out

to 30,000 members and are currently generating over 900 clicks.

Did you know we give away 2 every week as well in our Weekly

Golden Solo drawing?

Here is how it works…..

You have the ability to use spendable credits to purchase Weekly

Golden Solo entry tickets. One member will win but so does the

upline of that member.

Nobody loses in this contest as all tickets are credited for

Time-Bonus Banner time that can be used to run a 468X60 banner

on our network.

Join now or if you are already a member, get promoting so when

your downline member wins, you win!


Brad Webb



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