Skrill Added At Sotam And Bob For Commission Payouts.


Brad Webb here of and 

UPDATE (08/15/2019): Skrill now added as a way to get 

paid your commissions.

As many know, in early April, we lost our Paypal account. 

While we were somewhat prepared for such an event to 

happen, we were also aware that we need a payment 

processor that has the look and feel that Paypal did. 

Well, we found it, and they are not only reputable, they 

actually “want” to do business with our industry!

Because I feel this is sorely needed in our community, I

have added an additional 10% discount to our Button Levels

as an incentive to upgrade using Skrill as a payment method.

We have also added Skrill as a way to get paid your

commissions as of 08/15/2019! 

There is life after Paypal and Skrill is owned by a group 

that has 5 billion in assets. They’re here to stay so let’s 

support the ones that support us!


Brad Webb