One Business, 11 Streams, And A Rotator.


One business, 11 streams of income, and continuous leads and traffic

too? Is it real?

Introducing 97 or 3, a system that bridges affiliate marketing and

network marketing together in one platform!

Brad Webb, successful affiliate marketing, and Dori ONeill, successful

network marketer, are bringing these two communities together in a

way you have never seen before!

97 or 3 Includes:

– Adding your affiliate link to a rotator if you upgrade giving you instant

traffic to your 97 or 3 affiliate link. Finally, some recruiting help!

– 50 percent commission (upgraded) and 15 percent (free) when a

referred 97 or 3 new member upgrades.

– 6 traffic systems and 3 affiliate marketing programs with 97 or 3 itself

on the front-end. You gain access to an Endorsed Network Marketing

Opportunity on the back-end (upgraded area) loaded with industry

leaders ready to help you take your game to the next level!

When you get in and they reach out to you, it is in your best interest to

respond back as these are some of the most knowledgeable people in

marketing willing to guide you. How often does that happen?

Be sure to take the One-Time Offer because you get a 17 percent

discount for doing so versus inside the site! You will also be added to

a rotator that sends traffic to your 97 or 3 affiliate link on autopilot!

You have got to see this to believe it so join now!

To Your Success,

Brad Webb

P.S. I will run ads and continue to run ads that rotate upgraded

members so you might want to consider the one-time charge when

you get inside.