97 or 3 Just Added Pairing. Find Your Other Half.


If you are a wine connoisseur you are familiar with a term called

pairing. Pairing is when a particular food just goes well with a

particular wine. It does not change the taste of either the wine

or the food but makes both taste better.

97 or 3 was designed to do something similar!

I have a team of network marketers already inside 97 or 3 that

like talking to people and closing sales – it is what they do.

What they are looking for is a person that can drive traffic.

Many have expressed interest in partnering with an affiliate

marketer that can drive traffic and many are open to working

with you to help you close sales in the network marketing


We have now added a Network Marketing Professional Profile you

will see when you join that will introduce you that person.

Would you like to be paired with that kind of person?

Join now and connect with them. If you have always wanted to be

a part of a network marketing opportunity but are not sure how

to close that type of sale, this offer is for you!


Brad Webb


P.S. This ad rotates upgraded members that are upgraded at

97 or 3. Inside, you are shown the Network Marketing Professional

Profile of the first in your upline that IS in that opportunity

I reference above.