30,000 Are Waiting To Hear From You.


State-Of-The-Art-Mailer is one of the largest and most
active mailers on the net for over 5 years running.

Part of what makes this happen is a proprietary
system known as Button Escalation.

In short, Button Escalation allows you to send to
higher levels even if you are not upgraded to that

You can now send to 30,000 every 3 days!

If you are upgraded to at least the 5,000 Button Level,
you will be able to send to 30,000 members if you
have accrued the spendable credits necessary to do so.

If you are upgraded to the Viralist membership level,
you automatically send to that amount every 3 days!
Not only that, we assist you in recruiting by rotating
your link in ads like we are doing with this one, as
well as, assign random referrals to you.

It’s a great time to join or become active again at a
name you know and trust!


Brad Webb

SOTAM Viralist Bonus Ad:

If you see this message at the bottom of our
promotional ads and you are upgraded to the
Viralist level at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, your
link is being rotated here to assist you with
recruiting new members.