New PS4 Games Released

New PS4 Games Released

Kat is back, and looking better than ever! Sony have announced
that they are upgrading the hit 2012 PS Vita title Gravity Rush
(Gravity Daze) for the PS4 as Gravity Rush Remastered, set to
release December 10 in Japan, on February 9 in North America,
and on February 10 in Europe.

It goes without saying that you can expect graphical upgrades
worthy of the PS4 in Gravity Rush Remastered, the most obvious
of which will be that the game now plays in full HD: 1080p and
60 FPS. On top of that all three of the original DLC packs
released alongside Gravity Rush, The Spy Pack, The Maid Pack,
and The Military Pack, will also be included in the Remastered
version of the game.

Super Cool Game Created.
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