Welcome! Unicorn Adz is a 100% legal program

Just a one time Unicorn Adz $25 to start, that gets you a position every week for 10 weeks, thus forcing constant flow and also exponential positions earning for you.

Each of these Unicorn Adz 10 positions can earn you over $10K.

Two More Unicorn Adz Phases (Optional) that Unlock you to earn potential over $100K and upto $40K in Matching Bonuses PER position! Both additional phases work same way as the first, creating a position per week for 10 weeks.

NO monthly fees!

Each purchase is ONE TIME that creates a position per week for 10 weeks.
UNIQUE system to help new members not in profit..

Whenever any member (in profit), places a withdrawal request, 50% of their funds move to their “Cash Link Wallet”… they can only use this to buy Cash Links* which only NEW MEMBERS (those who are not yet in profit) can click on and earn!

* These Unicorn Adz cash links are advertisements where you can advertise any 3rd party website/business you may also have.

So, all members have the opportunity to start earning immediately, even before they refer anyone or get anyone in their own matrix