This New Revenue Share System builds your downline

This New Revenue Share System builds your downline

I’am sure there will be six and seven figure earners by the time they launch !

Launch date is 16 march and securing a spot now could really pay HUGE dividends this year!

The industry first revenue share program which pays you 7 level deep.

The Purpose of Click Intensity is Simple.
1.To Help You Make More Money Online By Doing Simple Tasks.
2.To Help You Get High Quality Targetted Traffic To Your Websites.
3.To Help You Build A Massive Team Of People From All Around The World Doing The Same Above two Things And Generate Massive Commissions

We are in prelaunch right now and over next few days and week’s , thousands of people from around the world will be joining us and spreading the
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5 Passive Ways To Earn:

30 Minute Revenue Share:
Each $25 Silver Coin Pack = 1 Profit share in the Company And You Get Paid Till Your $25 Coin Becomes $30 And Expires!

This is no Fixed timeline for the Profit Share to hit $30 on Each Silver Coin
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