I Got 43 Sales WITHOUT Clicking For Credits

From Dec 1st to Dec 10th
I have enrolled 43 PAYING
members into 5 programs
WITHOUT a single one of them
coming from a safelist or solo

In fact yesterday I wasted 85.00
on solo ads which was a complete
FLOP. (not ONE single signup)

I enrolled these 43 signups
by promoting my links with
a service that double-checks
that the traffic they are
going to send me is PROVEN
to convert for biz opp offers.

You see, TCT weeds out the crap
traffic by testing the conversion
rates before sending it to us.

Members THEN test the traffic
again, and if THEY approve of
the quality, it starts flowing
to YOU.

It may sound complicated but
its really easy to use.

1. Create a TCT Account.

2. Add an unlimited number of
links in the TCT Traffic Shifter.

3. TCT sends this primo traffic
to your links automatically.

By all means keep using safelists
as they do work on SOME level.

But if you need signups FAST
and don’t want to waste your
budget on something that’s not
PROVEN, I suggest you follow
my lead and join TCT 🙂


Get More Green Stuff,

Jenna Pauley
(email us with questions. We won’t bite 🙂

P.S. Join today and email me your
username and I’ll get TCT to
send 20.00 of my TCT commissions
your way as PROOF this really
works as well as I say it does 🙂