Discover a global business that is changing the future of making money by bringing GOLD to masses.

Karatbars is an amazing opportunity that makes buying gold affordable AND offers an exciting way to earn a substantial income by sharing this program with others!Karatbars is an e-commerce company with an affiliate program. It is not a Multi-Level Marketing. MLM programs required you to purchase products. Karatbars does not require you purchase anything but the point of joining is to get gold so it is highly recommended that purchase gold. Preserve your wealth. Save with more gold and less fiat money because gold is inflation-proof and can never go bankrupt. It is the only asset that has proven the test of time. it is also the most afforable way to save in gold. any one can join.

Karatbars International pays all earned commissions to its affiliates each and every Friday on a branded Mastercard. You can order one when you become an affiliate, or it will be sent to you once you have earned 35 Euros (or more).
Karatbars is essentially a grass roots movement of common people who are moving out of perpetual debt slavery, and upward into financial health, prosperity, security and freedom. We are firmly and jointly rooted in our common understanding of the problem of fiat currencies, and of the value of the most stable and sought after substance on earth, which is gold, and of its capacity to sustain wealth and purchasing power, and to serve us as a real currency. As such, it is a life preserving substance. It is a true measure of our personal wealth, and a real expression of our common bond and of our common wealth.
The suggested 12 Week Strategy has been very successful for many, many people to acquire gold and increased prosperity. The more people who work at it and are successful within the plan, and with the volume of gold and packages being purchased, the more commissions are generously paid out to the entire Karatbars family, from top to bottom, and then back up again. That is no “ponzi scheme”. It is a WIN-WIN-WIN strategy for all concerned.
The whole system is built around the principle of the movement of money (upwards, downwards and laterally) and the velocity in which that money moves toward gold. This movement is organic and cyclical and it benefits ALL of us. For that reason, we stress team work, helping each other, and not internal competition.
We affiliate members and customers are, in essence, the shareholders of the company, and we have influence upon the operations. We are the life blood, and we are family, working together for our common good!

for more information and if you are interested you can also personally email us at shaniquebruce@gmail.com or masonopperman2@gmail.com. Karatbars is working for us so it will definitely work for you!!!!

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