Did you miss this vital message from Jason?


Just in case you did here it is: 

Are you ready to qualify for our great
prizes today?

I'm giving 4 $5 prizes away every day
for the next 12 days. All you have to
do to qualify is click on at least 25
text and/or banner ads in your back
office (1 winner of $5) and then click
on at least 30 solo ads (3 winners of
$5 daily).

The winners are selected automatically
at midnight server time. Make sure you
have your clicks in by then to qualify
for the drawing.

You will also want to check to make
sure you have plent of ads set up in
your back office and are sending your
solo ads as soon as they are available.
If you would like to send solo ads more
often you have several ways to do this: 

1. If you are still a free member, earn
at least 200 activity points to earn
your lifetime pro membership.

2. Become a member of the 1K Club by
earning at least 1000 activty points in
the previous 30 days. Remember this is
a rolling count so you'll have to
maintain the 1000 points to stay a
member of the 1K Club.

3. Upgrade to Gold, Diamond or VIP if
you have not done so already.

The best option is VIP & 1K that lets
you send a solo out every 2 days. With
a current average of over 280 clicks
per solo this option could get you over
4,000 visitors a month just from the
solo ads!

Be active daily at FAFY and keep your
ads up to date and as long as you are
promoting something that is targeted to
this market you should get signups.
Free signup and opt-in pages work best.
I highly doubt you'll be able to sell
luxery watches since this is not the
correct market for those ads. FAFY is a
free advertising site so members are
looking to build thier business and/or
find other opportunities. Promote these
kinds of offers and your results will
be much better in the long term.

Speaking of opportunity, the FAFY AIOP
team continues to grow. If you want to
join our team and get all the tools you
need to succeed PLUS up to 450,000 FAFY
credits. Consider joining us. The link
below is the current team page and the
design is not the best. I have a pro
working on a new one now which will
take the team to the next level. Get in
now so you can grow with us: 

That's all I got for you today. Login
to your FAFY account and qualify for
day 1 of 12 Days Of Christmas here: 

Best Of Luck To You,
PS>1st 1K Drawing for an upgraded
membership will be held tomorrow.