Why Not Just Tell People The Truth…That Builds Trust

Tell Them How Money Is Really Being Made

Once They Trust You, That Will Create
An Honest Professional Relationship..

I’m Gonna Give It To You Straight..
At least I’ll Explain Our Programs And
How They Work..

People Who Have Never Made Money Online
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2019 Is Over It’s now the year 2020..
Wow that’s weird to even write..I hope
that you had a fabulous year and all
of your dreams came true..

If you were building an online business
my hopes for you are that it thriving
and growing stronger everyday..

Unfortunately, I know that may not be
the case for everyone, but that’s okay,
because it’s never to late..

I wanted to do something a little
differently with this email and just
give it to you straight..

Although there are few a different ways
to make money online, most things nowadays
are just a bunch of over-hyped crap that
really don’t work the way they say it does..

Those type of programs will never make
any real type of money, if it makes any
money at all.. I think it’s because they
don’t make it clear enough to people on
what it is they are suppose to be doing
and how..

What I have come to learn is that no
matter what program you’re in you are
gonna be selling something..

Whether it’s a physical or digital product,
or you have to sign people up to a program..
it’s still selling something.. And you’re
the one that’s responsible for making the

Doesn’t sound like too much fun does it?
That’s because it’s not, but it can be very
exciting sometimes.. Especially when your
on.. and you have sales coming in left and
right.. That’s awesome.. but it’s not like
that at all times..

Most business owners don’t want to tell
you things like this because it does mean
less sales usually but, I want people who
are serious and know exactly what it is that
they will be doing..

What some don’t realize is if you have to
talk people into buying something, they
most likely are not gonna last.. And I don’t
want people to waste their money, I want
them to make money..

SO I wanted to tell you about these two
programs of ours that I know for a fact do
make money.. In fact I have seen new people
sign up and make money within their first
few days..

The first is an affiliate membership program
that pays you 100% Commissions on every person
you sign up as a paying member.. You get to
put your own paylink.. get paid to whatever
merchant account you choose..

You also get paid weekly on every member as
long as they stay a member.. You get a free
software to help you to get traffic to your
link on Facebook.. That’s basically it but
make sure to watch the video and it will
explain in greater detail..

The second program that I wanted to tell you
about is our Mailbox Cash Program.. Basically
we are selling an automated traffic software
that allows people to upload the software to
their own server..

They then will get to use the software to
have automated traffic sent to any link they
want to promote..

Best part is that if you buy the software..
you get to resell for 50% Commissions on
every sale..

I would recommend both programs if you can
but if you are on a budget, I would definitely
start with the Junior program.. That’s just
another great thing about this program,it is
that most anyone can afford it..

I can’t promise you that you will make money
with this because I don’t know you and I don’t
know if you are willing to put in the work and
effort that required..

But I can promise that if you are willing to
put in the work,do what is taught to you in the
trainings, then you will make money..

And the potential of how much money that can be
made with these programs..OMG! You really just
don’t realize what you have came across here..

The Fact Is Your Only 20 People Away From
A $2,000 Monthly Income In Our Junior Program!

Click on the credit for Junior program

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ultimatelistbusterdotcom / trafficautomation

To Our Success,
Rebecca Stepp