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In just the Junior Program alone you can
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You decide to sign up to be a paid member
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not every other.. like most of them that say
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All you do is put a post on Facebook with
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If you don’t have to many marketing friends
on your Facebook that’s fine.. That’s what
the FB Auto-script is for .. You get that free
as soon as you pay your once a month $25
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Everyone loves that software.. You can
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Someone who’s been looking for a way
that they can make money working from
home.. a real way that is.. something that’s
not to complicated.. Something for the
average person..

They go to their start their
search and then there it is..they see your post…
they like what they see so far.. so they wanna
know more about it..

they see your affiliate link in the post..they
click on it.. The video on that page is what
does the selling.. you just have to point them
in the right direction..

Now I won’t lie to you and tell you that
everyone who sees your post is gonna
click on your link or that everyone who
does click your link is gonna buy.. Cuz
unfortunately that just ain’t true..

I will never lie to you to make money or
for any other reason..

The goods news is some people do click on
our links and some will buy from you .. a
small percentage will always buy..

think about it someone is always buying
something..Why wouldn’t they buy from

This program sales.. you’re actually gonna
be working personally with the owner of
the program.. You get to LEARN WHATS

That part right there is priceless, to me
anyway.. and because he’s not like these
other online money-making gurus.. He tells you
the truth whether you want to hear it or

Some don’t like the tough love.. but I can
tell you one thing..

he’s fair and I’ve known him long enough
to tell you that he does truly care about his
members.. He wants them to succeed..

I told you that the program is simple and
that’s the truth but.. if you are wanting to
finally make enough money that you don’t
ever have to worry about bills being late
ever again..

and to finally know that you and your
family never have to struggle to get from
one paycheck to the next..

That’s the kind of money we are talking
about here..Do you think pulling this off
is gonna be easy.. The answers “HECK NO”!
But it is DOABLE..

Anyone who can make the decision to set a
goal, come up with a plan to achieve that
goal, then go to work and just DON’T QUIT
until you’ve reached That goal..
Can do absolutely this..

I’ve decide that I’m gonna invite 20 people
to work along side me,Vic and the rest of
the crew.. We have Live meetings for

But what I’m talking about is a little bit more
personal support..maybe you might need
some extra help, some support, or we want
to compare strategies.. I don’t know really just
whatever we need to do ..

Because when someone signs up with me
I want them to know that they are not alone..
They don’t have to figure all of this stuff out
on their own..

Whatever the need be..we can get on the phone
or do a zoom call basically just hold one
another accountable to make sure that we
are taking actions steps that we need to take
to make this happen..

I won’t do the work for you but if are willing
to do your part.. I will be there to help you
along the way..

If you decide to come join me and pay your
member fee I will send you an extra software
on me.. Guru List Buster..

Just send a message and say you paid your
member fee and I’ll send the extra software
to you..

I hope to see on the inside..
Put In The Work.. Get The Life..

succeedwithconfidence dot com

thisisnotmlmpro dot com

To Our Success,
Rebecca Stepp
[email removed]

If you have any questions or you need my
help with anything just let me know..Because
if you’re willing to put in the work then I am
more than willing to help you .. You send me
an email


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