What You Can Learn From AirBnB (Their 25 Billion $ Secret)

Some businesses grow so big, so fast, that it almost seems like they’re flukes in the system.
Take AirBnB for example.
I mean, how does a little business with a crazy idea EXPLODE into a 25 billion dollar mega-company? In just a few years?
It’s so big, it’s starting to put pressure on the hotel industry. Hotels in New York City alone lost an estimated $2 billion in revenue this past year, due to AirBnB’s presence in the city.
You hear similar stories with companies like Uber, Spotify, and Netflix.
Small start, explosive growth, overturning an entire industry.
A lot of these recent mind-boggling success stories have something in common:
They’re using the power of the internet.
Because of the internet, they’re able to do something old in a new, far more efficient, far more effective way.
What’s the lesson here?
The internet is powerful. It’s revolutionizing how we do life today.
If we know how to harness its power, we can create tons of value.
These high-growth business success stories are examples of just how powerful and useful the internet is.
But can anyone access that power?
Or is the power to make money on the internet only reserved for those genius Harvard drop-outs who have been coding since they were 3?
A couple years ago, Matt Lloyd created MTTB to make the internet’s money-making power accessible to everyone.
You don’t need any kind of prior experience. You don’t need to know coding, marketing, or even basic business terms.
It’s a 21 step system that walks you through the process of starting an online business.
By the end of the 21 steps, you’ll be fully equipped to start earning big commissions online (and I mean big).
All without any prior experience.
In fact, if you go through the 21 steps, and then haven’t made a big commission in 30 days, you not only get your money back.
You get TEN TIMES your money back.
The system works; and Matt is counting on it to work so that he doesn’t have to pay you $500.
$49 dollars to join. Nothing to lose.
What are you waiting for?
No really, what are you waiting for?
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Richard Mendoza