The 1983 GPS Tragedy

Up until 1983, GPS technology was one of the United States Military’s best kept secrets.
It allowed the US to position ships, aircraft, soldiers, and equipment quickly, accurately, and effectively.
But in 1983, something happened. Which totally changed how GPS was used.
While flying over the Pacific Ocean, a passenger plane headed from Alaska to Korea moved into Soviet Union airspace by mistake.
It was shot down. And over 250 civilians died.
A slight navigational error—having enormous consequences.
GPS could have saved the lives of over 250 people. If those navigating the plane had had a better navigational system, they could have prevented the tragedy.
Realizing this, the US military changed its policy about GPS technology. It opened the technology up to the public. And since then, our world has been changed by GPS.
It’s really important to have a navigational system.
Getting lost isn’t the worst that can happen. There’s real danger out there. So you BETTER know where you’re going.
If you’re starting an online business, it’s no different. There’s danger online: traps, timesucks, bad information, hype, empty “guru” wisdom…
One wrong turn and you’re dead.
One slight navigational error and you’ll come crashing down.
MTTB is GPS for online business.
A ‘Cyber GPS.’
It walks you step by step through the winding, dangerous world of the internet, showing you how to start a business by driving traffic into pre-existing sales funnels.
It helps you avoid the bad information and the enemy territory.
It’s a 21 step ‘navigational system’ to help you slice through the danger and safely arrive at (create) your own home business.
When you join, you’re paired with a personal coach to help you on your way. Someone who’s already ‘been there done that’; they’re already making 6 figures or more in the industry. They know the narrow path.
So not only do you get a GPS. You get someone who knows their stuff in the passenger seat.
You won’t get lost any time soon.
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Richard Mendoza