How To Follow Through With Your Resolutions

There might not be anything more cliché than new years resolutions.
Just like opinions. Everyone has them.
Whether you just got a gym membership for 1 cent or you have 10 books on your way to your house from Amazon right now you are not alone.
Everyone wants to make 2016 the best year ever.
That may mean losing weight. Finishing paying off student loans. Taking that trip to Europe. Falling in love.
You name it. Someone out there is going to want to do it in 2016. And that’s why New Year’s resolutions are about as cliché as it gets.
You know what’s not cliché though?
Actually following through with your resolutions.
Can you imagine what society would be like if people followed through with their resolutions?
Think of all the skinny, wealthy, intelligent people there would be today. Gyms would be packed year round. The economy would boost from the rise in spending power across the nation. Society would be a happier, more forgiving, more present version of what it is today.
But everyone knows that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
And now you have the chance to do what so many people fail to do and follow through with your resolutions.
Most people fail to follow up on their resolutions because as the year goes on they get busier and they get more and more used to their resolutions they devote less focus and time to them.
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Richard Mendoza