Earn Your Income Online (Without Being a Sleazy Con-Artist)

Let’s be honest.
“Making money online” gets a bad rap.
If you told someone on the street that you “make money online” for a living, they’d probably
assume one of two things about you:
(1) You just quit your job and you’ll be experiencing big regrets in 2-6 months when your
savings run out and you’ve got nothing to show for it (aka making money online doesn’t
(2) You’re a sleazy, tech-savvy con artist who swindles people out of their money while
sipping lattes in Starbucks (aka it works, but it necessarily involves pestering or tricking
So why does it get such a bad rap?
For good reason.
There’s a LOT of dead ends on the internet.
And so LOTS of people have had bad experiences trying to make money online.
Does that mean it can’t be done?
No, it just means it’s not easy. You have to know what to look for. And what to avoid.
For example, you’ll never make serious money doing little tasks for other people.
Filling out surveys, doing testing for other people, performing odd jobs… there’s a host of sites
that pay you or pair you with people who will pay you to do little tasks(Swagbucks, InboxDollars,
Fiverr, etc).
They’re not conning you or tricking you. They really do pay you. But if you’re looking for a
serious income online, start looking somewhere else.
Other people try to ‘make it’ by doing freelance writing work. Definitely a better route. But still
really hard to make a living.
Then there’s the ultimate no-no: scanning forums for “revolutionary, secret methods” and
magical systems. Trying to sneak your way into online riches without working for it.
That will never work, because riches have always and will always require hard work. Always.
Online or offline.
When it comes to making serious money online, the question is not WHETHER you’ll have to
work hard. You’re gonna have to. That should be a given. The question is how and where you
should apply your effort.
Making money online is a serious enterprise. It’s not a joke. It takes time to learn. Time to grow.
If you GET that, and you STILL want to do this online thing, but you don’t know where to apply
your effort, go here:
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Richard Mendoza