How do you get your visitors to return?


Retail selling and online selling are two totally
different animals. If you try to sell online as though
you are a retail store you’re going to hit problems.

The key difference is the price-point.

In the real-world, when a person enters a store, they
expect everything to cost them something.

But online…

People expect that most things, if they hunt around
for long enough, are going to be available for free.

Don’t fight that expectation – just go along with it.

It’s perfectly fine to take a hit on the front-end
product and treat it as a loss-leader because, once
you’ve got your customer hooked, that’s when you make
your profit.

Try taking a long-term view of your sales process.
Instead of trying to get quick gains from one-off
customers and busting a gut trying to bring new
customers in all the time, you can concentrate more
time and energy on the ones you have.

That’s where your sales funnel comes in.

ISPG can help you enhance your sales funnel by giving
you quality lead magnets and squeeze pages to start
off your sales process.

Don’t hassle yourself trying to find things to give
away in the first instance, worrying about making a
loss. We can take care of all that for you.

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Robert Denman

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