Unlimited Free Rotator

Problem: You want to diversify your income online by using as many online business opportunities as possible, but you cannot promote them all effectively.

Solution: A URL Rotator, and more specifically, TPM Rotator.

TPM Rotator allows you to promote one simple URL and distribute the traffic to all of your online business opportunities or any websites you want to promote. Not only do we allow you to promote an unlimited amount of URLs (websites), we also allow you to create as many different rotators as you want, allowing you to target your web traffic as much as possible. You can also assign a “weight” to each of the sites in your rotators. This allows you to prioritize specific sites to show up more often than others.

TPM Rotator is also the only rotator service where users can win free hits. We have many contests/games which you can play to win credits that are redeemable for hits! You can use these free hits on any of your rotators.

We have a great referral program where you can earn money for referring new PRO members. As a PRO member, we’ll even give you random referrals to help you earn even more!

We have one upgrade option as well. For only $5.00 a month you can remove the advertisement from your rotator and enable PRO only features (including downline builder and free banner / text link advertising).