The tool I use daily to manage all my TEs


One page on this site shows me all my Traffic Exchange credits.
How many credits are assigned and how many are unassigned at each exchange.
Plus there is a login link next to the unassigned credits so I can easily log in and assign them.

There is another page that does the same for banner impressions, and one also for text impressions.

And there is a page that shows me what commissions are owed at each site and what the payout threshold is.

As an added bonus, 20+ sites take part in Commando Surf where I earn additional credits for every site viewed. More credits for less work – I definitely use this feature every day.

If you are into building your downlines, it is also a really good downline builder.

Want to see examples?
Click the credit link and check out the page on TE-Results.

Best wishes,
Pete Tyson