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Simple: PerkZilla lets you set up automated 
referral campaigns. And that means your visitors 
get rewarded for telling their friends about your 

Here’s how it works…

What you do is select one or more enticing rewards 
to give to visitors who refer their friends to your 
products, content, lead pages or other web pages. 

PerkZilla then automatically tracks these referrals 
and instantly delivers rewards as your visitors earn 

It’s a completely hands-free way for you to get 
amazing quantities traffic – much more than you
could ever generate on your own! And you don’t
need to spend a dime buying expensive ads! 

Just think about it for a moment…

Let’s say Suzy the prospect arrives on your lead
page. You “bribe” her to tell your friends about
your lead page by offering her an in-demand report. 

Suzy tells three friends and unlocks her reward – and 
you just got free traffic. It’s a win-win for you both!

But it doesn’t end there…

Suzy’s three friends tell three of their friends. And 
those three people each tell three more people…

Before you know it, you have dozens, hundreds or
even thousands of new visitors. And these visitors
are warm and responsive, because they are coming
to your page on the recommendation of their friends!

Simply put, word-of-mouth traffic is the most responsive 
traffic you can get – and the PerkZilla app makes it 
easy for you to encourage your entire niche to get 
buzzing about your business!

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Martin Bigler