It’s Going Crazy And It’s Smoking HOT! Thousands Jumping In!

Hello Friends and Associates.

YES, Crowdfunding Guaranteed is going Viral,

Many of you that joined me are making money even without referring! Which is Awesome..

I Seen upgrades to the Gold Level with out 1 personal referred member! WOW!

I have also received emails from my campaigns from others telling me they are already involved with CGT and loving it!

You do Not want to pass on this one:
I just signed up my wife last night and then payed for her in as a Silver member and I just checked her account today and she already has $50 in her account without referring one single person! Today I am upgrading her to gold plus signing up other family members!

*This is actually a good strategy that team members are taking note of…

My Skype conversation with Carolyn today!

This is what she had to say:

(“I was on the VIP call this morning and this is what they said.

Teamleaders are collecting them in Teambuilds.

The Owners are working with a major merchant

Crowdfunding Guaranteed is going to be HUGE. They are translating the site into 29 languages.

We are going to be able to withdraw our funds directly onto our credit cards and Monday starts the Webinars!”)

One of Our Top Leader Terry Burns writes:
There are many crowdfunding projects currently available online.

The name of this platform is Crowdfunding Guaranteed and, in my opinion, it is the best one!!

Many on my team are receiving payments without referring anyone!

Here is just one example:
“Hello Terry,

(I finally am a paid member and I can’t believe it I already earned $25. I am amazed. I was paid $12.50 only about 4 hours after joining. It’s unbelievable. I never thought I’d make money online.

Wendy R”)

This is a low cost coop crowdfunding platform that allows you to receive
unlimited income through automated level qualifications.

News From Management
You are witnessing the very beginning of something rather amazing!

Our soft launch so far has been a huge success! We expected a couple hundred at most and almost 1,000 joined us within just a few short days We will keep CG in soft launch until the 17th then pre-launch from the 18th to 6th of January and the full launch is slated for January 7th! In the meantime, look forward to CG 101 Training Series, Scheduled Webinars, Personal Project Platform Launches, and Social Media Center to name a few.

Only a one time out of pocket of $29 to receive unlimited funds.
Direct payments to your Wallet Account.
2 People starts the inner ring contributions
Each Member receives 6 contributions to qualify upgrade to next level
Potential to earn on all 5 Levels Simultaneously
100% contributions are paid to members
Follow Me system
Spillover from Top creates Push Through
Can pay via Debit/Credit Card, Wallet or Bitpay
The earlier you lock in your paid position, the better chance to receive Spillover

Come join in the fun. Join:
Believe me, you can do this. You can easily get started by signing up free and then upgrade for a one time $29. This is simple and easy.

keep up the good work and keep recruiting,

Steve Bianco