[FIRST_NAME], HURRY Incentive Ends Soon!

[FIRST_NAME], LikesXL is New, A Premium Online Advertising and shopping platform that
shares its profits every 30 minutes with all members who have
purchased PR Packs (Public Relations) and viewed 10 sites per

Currently we are active in 142 countries with over 20,000
members joined so far in the 1st month.

LikesXL is not like any of the online RevShare companies
and should not be compared to them. They are dealing
with premium brands who are paying to be able to
advertise to a captive audience because they know
that viewers.

This is a win win situation for LikesXL members,
Advertisers and the company and we look forward
to many happy years with them.

We are now live and have an incentive program for
people who want to build teams. If you join upgrade
your downline membership to level 3 ($180) which
allows you to earn down levels 3, 4 and 5 and purchase
at least 6 PR packs ($300) before midnight 16th November 2015, then you will receive an extra 0.01 per person who joins LikesXL after
the deadline (not just your own team)!!

The Profit Team