Wakaya Business Opportunity w/Meeting in Laurel, Md

You’re invited to attend a Wakaya Perfection Opportunity Meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2016,7:pm, in Laurel, MD…at 130 Washington Blvd., South Laurel, Md 20707 Invitation by Phyllis Clarke Text /Call me …202-437-5806, bring your guests.
You do not want to miss this exciting opportunity. Ask for me…I’ll be there.(Essentials Beauty Spa) If you are in the DC/MD/VA area please try to attend tomorrow’s meeting.
The right opportunity, the right compensation plan, the right training, the right leadership, the right products and the right scientific studies. This is an online business in health and wellness industry. The products are all 100% pure organic that give you heaps of energy and helps to ease aches and pains. They generally make you feel great. An added bonus is that there are products that help you lose weight and sleep better.
In my website, you have to make selections for paradise, opportunity, store and join. Wakaya Perfection is only 90+ days old. Everybody is getting now at the ground level moving up the rank ladder very fast, some faster than others. Our leaders are all across the country and are opening Wakaya doors, which one do you need to attend? Looking for a meeting in Wash.,DC let me know. Be the first in your community and begin your success. I am in DC and welcome all to join my team so that we can grow together. If you already have a team, bring them with you. Wakaya is not everywhere yet so you have the opportunity to be first.
We are partnered with billionaire David Gilmour and Oprah had Wakaya products on two of her magazine covers.
When you go to my website please take your time, look at entire site, at the end please fill in the message box, so that I can be in touch with you. Thanks for visiting my site.