CalculatingTraffic is exciting and new…

Hi there!

Finally, a new traffic exchange that actually focuses on results. From the creator of the “Surfing Calculators” comes a revolutionary new surfing concept that is taking the industry by storm…

Introducing… Synchronized Surfing! Now you can link your banners and text ads so that they are shown at the same time as your web sites or splash pages are displayed to other users while they surf.

CalculatingTraffic focuses on three key items: Results, Fairness and Service.

– Results: use this new surfing concept to get real-time targeted traffic to your sites immediately;
– Fairness: fair surfing ratios, free members start with a 2:1 ratio and increases with surfing activity;
– Service: support team ready to assist you at any time. We treat all members fairly and with respect.

CalculatingTraffic is a full-feature traffic exchange.

Happy surfing!

Jackie Buckley

–> P.S. Did I forget to mention the very exclusive Vice-President Pro upgrade? This is a great way to lock in higher commissions, and more benefits before it’s too late! Check it out when you first log in.