Another Dangerous Website You’ve Seen

Hi There, [FIRST_NAME].

I just earned my cut of $160 for just 45min of “work”.
In this “contest”, I was shown a website and had to “surf it” and comment as i went along. It was easy because it was like a site i normally use every day. The difference being, the site in the contest HAS NEVER BEEN POSTED TO THE INTERNET, EVER!
So, i was in a position to influence how the site will appear on its launch date just weeks away.
It was FUN, and the time FLEW!
Next thing i knew was an email that arrived in my inbox saying, “Congratulations! My review was accepted, and money is being sent to my account, now.”
I made more per hour than i did delivering pizza and receiving excellent tips!

So, if you’ve surfed the web, you’ve encountered many sites; and you KNOW the sites you like because … and You KNOW about the sites you avoid because … (you fill in the blanks)

If you can air an opinion based on your experience about a website, then this is a lucrative opportunity for you.

So, what’s this about it being a dangerous website seen?
Simple: You actually WILL AFFECT how that website will appear when the company behind it launches. You would save that company from losing THOUSANDS from spelling mistakes, users getting lost, bad videos and faulty audio presentations, and on and on.
Do you see the power put into your hands here? Power that you can have FUN with because the tasks were fun to do in the first place! And the companies take what you said and experienced VERY SERIOUSLY! Yup, power!

And if you can earn, [FIRST_NAME], then so do i.
When you spread the word to others about this opportunity… if they can earn, then so do you.

Simple! FUN! And Dangerous!
Check out the video in the link for the how-tos of this opportunity!
See you on the inside?
–Edward SB
Owner: PF4PCConsultation