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We are TEAM DIXIE BELLE. We have formed a team build for

Premier Income Plan. 

Our goal is to assist like minded people in being Successful. We will work as a TEAM to make this happen.

When we work together, we all will prosper and retain our members.

We are manually placing our members as personals under members who are working as a team member.

If this is something that you can commit to, contact us at 954-348-8522 or email [email removed] 

and you will be given the next link in line.

Below is the info.

Premier Income Plan has just Launched. They have

great video products and the best 3×8 Forced Matrix

Programs ever designed. You earn a residual income from

by the following…

– 3×8 Forced Matrix ($32,817 per month earning


– 100% Matching Bonuses

– Coded Bonuses

– Free Re-entries

– No Referring Needed for Matrix Earnings


Your membership will include the following products…

Audio Video Conference

Website Communicator

Video Email Postcards

Video APP System

All of these products have video demos in the members

area. These products is what made Rodney well known in

this industry.


The Compensation Plan is amazing! It is centered around

a 3×8 Forced Matrix. There are NO REFERRING

requirements to earn in this matrix. You get paid as

positions are filled in your matrix no matter how they

were placed there. A complete 3×8 Matrix earns $32,817

per month!

Plus if you refer others you will earn 100% Matching

Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses and Coded Bonuses. This can

result in thousands of dollars per month in additional


Live Webinars are held on Tuesday’s at 7 PM eastern and

Thursday’s at 9 PM eastern and Super Saturday webinars

when convenient. 

#NAME#, trust me when I say that if you lock in your

position now, before the masses, you will be very glad

you did.

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To YOUR Success,

Scott Caile