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Just a quick, but very important email today…


The guys at ViralURL have done something very

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You may know of ViralURL, it was one of the first

ever list mailers and has been an industry leader

since. They have spent over $25,000 just on their

mailing technology that rivals many auto responders,

but there has always been a problem, the cost to get

going was always out of most people’s reach…

…until now…

They have turned the industry on it’s head releasing

their new concept ‘credit mailer’ giving you the

ability to mail 6,000 real people every month, for

such a tiny investment.

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Here is what you will be able to do:

* Email 1,000 people in the next few minutes

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* Email real, active users

* Incentivized clicks for higher CTRs

* Earn 20 email credits for each link you click (only

available with this membership add-on they created)

Don’t wait, as they might limit this if it is too

popular because there is no way they are making

money on this membership based on their infrastructure


Warm Regards,


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In my experience of marketing, I have not seen

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✅The company UPFRONTS your advertising for you.

That means you start WITHOUT putting any of your own money to advertise.

✅The company CLOSES ALL of your sales for you. That means no calling,

selling, convincing, presenting or begging your friends & family to join you.

✅The company has been around for 4 years only doing this OFFLINE.

No need for internet marketing at all on this. Can be done 100% offline.

✅You can get started for as low as $89.00 up to $27,500.

✅Every time one of your team members makes a commission,

YOU make a commission. EVERY SINGLE TIME (TRUE Leverage)

✅Here is the kicker: They will GUARANTEE you will make

money in 90 days, or your money back! ***NOT 1 REFUND IN 4 YEARS***(Unheard of in this industry!)

✅If your prospects have questions YOU do not have to answer them.

They have a toll free number so your prospects can call to get ALL their questions answered.

As you will see, No Website, No PayPal, No Link, No Recruiting, No Selling, No Posting on FB, No ads to create, No Videos to make, No Follow Ups, No Chasing people.

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