[NEW] Bitcoin Crowdfunding Opportunity – Earn 84 BTC-$59K per Month

This mail will be long, please read carefully you may be earning
84 BTC (OVER $59,000) before Christmas if you take action today.
Fund My Cause is a new Crowdfunding Opportunity. You can earn up to
84 BTC per month in 6 separate Crowdfunding Projects. You keep all
of your earnings.
Watch the presentations on how this works…

The cost to get started is only 0.05 in Bitcoin (about $35)
Coinbase and Blockchain are supported.
The Pay Plan uses a 2×6 Team Forced Matrix with Spillovers. 0.05 BTC
places you in Level 1. You will automatically be assigned the member to pay.

Level 1
Cost is 0.05 BTC per Month.
You earn 0.05 BTC per Month from 2 other members.

Level 2
Cost is 0.05 BTC per Month.
You earn 0.05 BTC per Month from 4 other members.

Level 3
Cost is 0.10 BTC per Month.
You earn 0.10 BTC per Month from 8 other members.

Level 4
Cost is 0.20 BTC per Month.
You earn 0.20 BTC per Month from 16 other members.

Level 5
Cost is 0.50 BTC per Month.
You earn 0.50 BTC per Month from 32 other members.

Level 6
Cost is 1.0 BTC per Month.
You earn 1.0 BTC per Month from 64 other members.

Each member joining our team will receive 2 referrals in order of joining.
The Team Build is fully automated. You will automatically be joining under
the next member that does not yet have 2 referrals.This allows each member
on our team to earn.

You have questions connect with me below